Welcome to  the website of the Press Council of Ireland and  Office of the Press Ombudsman. Established in 2008, we consider complaints about newspapers (print and online), magazines and online-only news publications - view our full list of member publications.

We are independent of government and the press.

There is no charge for making complaints.

The standards our members commit to can be found in the Code of Practice of the Press Council.

We cannot consider complaints about publications that are not members of the Press Council of Ireland, or complaints about broadcasting or advertising.

We also promote press freedom and the right to freedom of expression.

Recent Decisions and News

Reporting of Suicide

The Headline organisation undertakes media monitoring to ensure that mental health and suicide issues are reported in a responsible manner. At a seminar on 12 July they issued the following advice to journalists: Read on

Corofin Castle Heritage Park and the Connacht Tribune

The Press Ombudsman has not upheld a complaint made by the Corofin Castle Heritage Park that the Connacht Tribune breached Principle 1 (Truth and Accuracy), Principle 2 (Distinguishing Fact and Comment), Principle 3 (Fair Procedures and Honesty) and Principle 4 (Respect for Rights) of the Code of Practice of the Press Council of Ireland. Read on

Statement by Press Council Chairman on Defamation Awards

Defamation laws are there to protect citizens whose reputations are damaged by newspapers and broadcasters.  They are an important part of the vindication of the rights of citizens to ensure that their reputations are not tarnished by inaccurate reporting.  But there is a balance to be maintained between the rights to protect a reputation and the rights of freedom of expression.  Read on