Data Protection

Privacy Statement

The Office of the Press Ombudsman and Press Council of Ireland (the Office), in the consideration of complaints and appeals, processes personal data relating to complainants.    This document is a statement of the Office’s commitment to meet its obligations under data protection legislation.

The Office is committed to protecting the privacy of complainants in compliance with data protection legislation, including the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What data do we collect?

Typically, the personal information we collect might include a person’s name, their home address, their email address or their telephone number. 

Why do we process your personal data?

The Office needs to process some personal data about members of the public who wish to engage in our complaints handling process.  Personal data is collected only with your knowledge and permission, and is retained by the Office in a secure manner.  You can withdraw your consent to your personal data being held by us, or being used by us, at any time.

How long will we retain your data?

The Office has a defined data retention policy, and it will process (that is, collect, store and use) the information you provide in a manner that is compatible with data protection legislation and the GDPR.    

How do we keep your information safe?

We are committed to protecting the security of your personal data.  We have a number of technical and physical security measures in place to help protect your personal data from unauthorised access.   Print files are kept in a locked and secure place where there is no public access.  The Office operates a number of protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized access to its computers and database.

How do we use the information you provide?

The personal data that you provide is used solely for the purposes for which it is provided - that is, to process your complaint.    If it is our intention to use it for any other purpose we will seek your consent in advance.

The Office follows the following eight fundamental principles when processing personal data:

  • The Office obtains and processes data fairly only for the purpose of dealing with complaints about member publications of the Press Council of Ireland.
  • The Office uses the data it obtains only for the purposes for which it is obtained.
  • The Office uses and discloses personal data only in circumstances that are necessary for the processing of complaints.
  • The Office has appropriate security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access to, or alteration, disclosure or destruction    of data, and against accidental loss or destruction.
  • The Office’s policy is designed to ensure that the data it stores is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  • The Office’s policy is designed to ensure that the data it stores is adequate, relevant and not excessive.
  • All data which contains personal information about complainants will, after the defined retention time, be disposed of in a  onfidential manner.
  • The Office has procedures in place to respond to requests for personal data from data subjects.

Can I obtain, delete or amend my personal data?

To make a request to obtain, delete or amend your personal data, or for further information about our data protection policy, please contact, telephone local l890 208 080 or 01 648 9130.  

If we are concerned that a data breach has taken place that poses a high risk to your rights and freedom we will let the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office know within 72 hours of the breach.  We will also let you know. We will work with the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office to minimise the impact of any breach that presents a high risk.