The Office of the Press Ombudsman can give informal advice and assistance to anyone who, while not wishing to make a formal complaint, may seek guidance on how to proceed with an issue relating to the media.    

The Office can also give specific advice on how the Code of Practice of the Press Council may apply to your complaint.

In some cases it will contact member publications to make them aware of concerns that you may have.   For instance, there are occasions when people find themselves in circumstances where they have suddenly and unexpectedly become the subject of intense media interest, often at times of great tragedy and distress.    On occasions like this we can give advice and, if the particular circumstances of a case merits special attention,  we can contact editors to let them know, on a confidential basis, the wishes of the person or family in relation to contact from the media.  Such contact can also be used to facilitate appropriate and necessary coverage of particularly distressing events. 

Contact the Office directly for any advice or assistance in dealing with the media.