Statement from Press Council of Ireland

Friday, 8th July 2011
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The Press Council of Ireland, at its meeting on Friday 8 July, noted the statement issued by the Press Ombudsman on Thursday 7 July in response to press queries about whether or not complaints about phone hacking similar to those involved in the controversy involving the News of The World in Britain had been received by his Office.

The Press Ombudsman confirmed to the Council that should any such complaints be received in the future about member publications of the Council, they will be processed in the normal way in accordance with the procedures of his Office and in the light of the provisions of the Code of Practice for Newspapers and Periodicals.

Any decisions that he may make on any such complaint may be appealed to the Press Council of Ireland, which will also consider the matter in accordance with its appeals procedures and in the light of the provisions of the Code of Practice.

The Council noted that under the procedures concerned, all complaints are dealt with on a confidential basis until the conclusion of the processes involved, and that the decision or decisions reached will then be placed on the websites of the Press Ombudsman and of the Press Council in the normal way.



08 July 2011