Decided by the Press Council on appeal

The Press Council considers appeals to substantive decisions of the Press Ombudsman, and to decisions of a sub-committee of the Press Council where the Press Ombudsman has exercised his power to refer a complaint to the Press Council. 

Appeals can be made on one or more of the following grounds: 

  • that there has been an error in procedure;
  • that significant new information is available that could not or was not made available before the decision was made;
  • that there has been an error in the application of the Code of Practice

Mere disagreement with the decision of the Press Ombudsman is not grounds for appeal.

The detail of some complaints, including the name of the complainant, has been restricted in cases where complainants have exercised their right to anonymity under data protection legislation.



A Family and the Irish Sun

04 February 2011

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